friends -disciples

When I was older and went to another Sunday School I was taught all manner of things about my friend. Things that puzzled me, things my friend said to ignore….

My Buddy Jesus

Jesus is my friend and that was all I needed to know. He said to me that one day all would be revealed and in the mean time he would tell me those stories I loved to hear.

I was intrigued as to how Jesus had gathered his discipes, If I had known how then I might have made friends of my own.

So I asked my Buddy about his experiences – how did you make your friends and what sort of games did you play? He told me that he made friends at Temple School and kept them by not being a goody goody or a spoil sport. His mother was not pleased since his Step-Father had an important Trade – he was a carpenter, and sometimes made stuff for the Bosses in the temple. Carpenters had class not like most smelly Shepherds or Fishermen.

And smelly shepherds and the poorest fishermen were my friends, they were my kind of people. Hebrews call them Anawim

We got caught playing in a stream on the Worship Day , one of the hoity toities saw us and told Joseph. he couldn’t figure it out beause he knew God was my true Father and why would God be bad? Something to think sbout- you remember the story of me skiting with the Elite knowledgeables and Mum nd Joseph being so mad with me? Well that was the time I first realized that God, was truly my Father in heavevn and I had to do his business here on Earth. H e had sent me to the Anawim who were ex[ecting a Saviour and I was to gather them with my Stories.

But, Jesus, I wanted to know how you got your Disciples – well were do you think? The Anawim? My heavenly Father sent me to my friends – the poorest of the poor, those society rejected.

But How?