It’s really so simple



I have become familiar with the protocol of taking group pictures.  With ladies, never takes pictures below the chin-line.  That stirs up a lot of resistance.  Never take pictures before everyone is “ready”.  And always show the results to the group immediately the pictures have been taken.

The other thing I am familiar with is “the facial-blemish”.  That embarrassing zit just where everyone can see it.  And everyone will look at.  But few will actually mention.  The elephant – not in the room – but right on the tip of your nose (usually).  Watch the eyes.  Drawn every time to this blemish.  Drawn back to this blemish time and time again.  All without a word being said.

And never take a picture of anyone with a blemish!  But if you must – and there are times when “must “ is appropriate – then allow enough (unspoken time) for them to manoeuvre their face into the right position.  And ALWAYS show them the results!

And then there are young children.  Looking the wrong way.  With their eyes shut.  Picking their nose.  Sticking out their tongues.  Looking bored.  Almost always looking bored.  Children and pictures are best taken either by a professional or when they are not looking.  Children who are asked to pose rarely pose as WE like.  Rarely give US a picture WE like.

And as for facial-blemishes …



Children are the only people I meet for the first time and can really relax with.  Because mostly they don’t even notice.  And if they do notice they always ask: “What’s that on your nose?”  It’s a spot.  “Oh – okay.”  And that is the end of it.

My “facial-blemish” – just like so much we grown-ups worry about – does not command a child’s interest.

Or what I’m wearing … how I speak … what I say … what I eat … how I eat … where I eat … if I fart or burp (other than causing hilarity) … if I trip over my own feet (other than causing hilarity) …

Children like hilarity.  Children like living.  Children don’t get caught up in the details.  Have no interest in “looking good”.  Have no interest in “image”.

So are not impressed by mine (or its absence).

It is a simpler way of living and makes for a simpler way of loving.  Because loving is of relationship.  And where relationship is simple then love is too.

God Soft Hands Jesus.

Haven’t used the name for a while.  My name for a simple God.  A simpler relationship.  A simplicity of love without condition.  No one to impress.  No one to worship.  No one with tick-boxes judging me.  A simple God of Love.  Doesn’t care about the stuff we grown-up Christians do.  Doesn’t get hung-up over “excusing sin” so that “the sinner” becomes acceptable (enough to “love”).

“You’re gay.”  I am.  “Why?”  Because I am.  “Oh – okay.”
“You don’t worship me.”  I don’t.  “Why not.”  Because I love you.  “Oh – okay.”
“You don’t go to church.”  No.  “Why?”  It gets in the way of loving you.  “Oh – okay.”
“You’re a Muslim.” I am.  “Why?” I was born into a Muslim family.  “Oh – okay.”
“You’re a Jew.”  I am.  “Why?”  I was born into a Jewish family.  “Oh – okay.”
“You’re an atheist.”  I am.  “Why?”  I don’t believe in the crap of religion.  “Oh – okay.”
“You don’t believe in me.”  I don’t.  “But you believe in Love.”  I do.  “Oh – okay.”

Becoming childlike is easy.

But I think it is a journey through time.  Through the time of being taught that “childlike” is not okay.  Through being taught that “mature” is the way to go.  Through finding “mature” is the biggest con ever.   Through finding that “mature” is mostly being taught to hide.  To not say what I really think.  To ignore what is true and what is not.  To be taught it’s okay to be unkind because I have rights – the “What About Me” … What about my house, my image, my bank account, my Instagram followers, my … “the stuff that is of no interest to children” … stuff.

It’s odd though.

We teach children to share … to not scream “It’s mine!” … to “behave”. … to not do “that stuff” in public (even though we still do in private) … Teaching “Do as I say – not as I do” … Teaching “being caught” is the crime. … Teaching bullshit maturity as the way.

My God is a simple God.  He is not into bullshit hiding.  Because bullshit “hiding” isn’t Love.  And Love (without condition) means … Love.

It’s really so simple …

Only a child can get it!