Follow for follow

I have a few things I hold dear about blogging here.
a) This internet community is real people.
b) This internet community is real.
c) I cannot claim copyright for hearing God Soft Hands Jesus.

There are a few things I hold dear about this community.
1) My God will bring others to me.
2) Our God will bring me to others.
3) I accept or not His hand in these connections.

Twice now I have seen “Follow for follow.”  Once here some time ago, and then again tonight elsewhere.

There are many things I can, and do, disagree with in the blog-posts here.  If I didn’t this would not be community – it would be a sham.

And there are many beautiful things that can, and do, invite me to be touched, to be changed, and to be more like the Lord I love – you are those blog-post writers. I thank you all.  The God in you has met me day after day.  Right here where I am right now.

That is precious.

So what place does “Follow for follow! God bless!” have in this sacred, dynamic, vibrant, living space?  This space of community and fellowship.

Surely it is the market place – a transaction: “I invested my time in not just in reading (maybe) your post, but then typing these few words (usually telling you how good my blog is) underneath it.  I clicked your follow button – and now you owe me.  You have to follow me (those are the rules) – capeesh?”

“Follow for follow.  God bless.”