But the bible says

This was stress full!

A weekly batch of salary payments. A banking website interface that had corrupted something. A need to authorise the payments by a certain time and in a certain way.  Because these were “salary payments”: real people – real money – real bills to pay – and they expected and needed their weekly salary.

None of “this” was in that day’s plan!  Quoting “the plan” would have been pointless!  So the plan was off the menu and the reason for “the plan” was all that mattered.  And eventually the payments were authorised just before the deadline – and no one knew a thing – which is as it should be.

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Undercover Christian: “God and the dishwasher”
And this verse: “For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 [NRSV]
And this comment: “A plan is a very human thing. It is a schedule of activity designed to make something happen within the constraints of time, resources and creativity.  But here’s the point: God operates under none of those constraints.  So how useful is the phrase ‘God’s plan’?”

My “plan” that day did not include a corrupted payment, nor being bounced out and not allowed back in, nor high blood pressure, nor bad language, nor any of that.  My plan was to send those payments off as I do each week. Period.

So how useful is the phrase ‘God’s plan’?

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Yesterday I posted three “LGBTQ” posts.

Because I am saddened more and more that the bible is used as validation for what we believe is wrong and right, is good and bad, should change or stay the same.  How we often use the bible to justify our “plans” of how to honour God.  And when the shit hits the fan (usually for others) – we so often quote the plan bible because the plan bible is love.

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Little Monk: “I wish I’d said that …”
And this quote: “One of the operative principles of love is that love does not rest as long as there is an inequality in love.”
And this comment: “I have found all this to be utterly true. I’ve also found it almost impossible to wrap words around.  I didn’t want to weaken the words by trying to restate them. So here they are, for your consideration.”

And I never realised this before – but I also find all this to be utterly true.

For me it explains why this “LGBTQ” inequality becomes more and more important … why I have been guided to write posts challenging “but the bible says” … why those who are as homeless now as Jesus was then suffer inequality in love today.

So how useful is the phrase ‘God’s plan’?

And “how useful” is it to debate and debate one or two verses because “the bible says” – and year after year remain in a state of compromise inertia.  That our “Body of Christ” endorses “inequalities in love” as a better plan for The Body of Christ than the very plan Jesus invited of each of us.

“love does not rest as long as there is an inequality in love”

I think is the reason for the plan bible.  Anything else is personal preference.

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