The crib and the cross and faith


I have been told my faith seems to be an “up and down journey”.  I have been prayed for that “it all turns out okay” in the end.  And I am grateful for such affection.

I have been told I have missed a trick with my frustration with “Church”.  That if I only saw what others see I would see something beautiful.  And I do.  I just don’t need to be in a certain building to do that.

I have been told lots of things about “my faith”.

So I hope you won’t mind a small curiosity in return.

Why was there the “need” for Jesus at all … why was there “a need” for the crib and the cross at all … and why do we “need” Jesus to fit neatly into what the church-going community says is “needed”?

(because that is a lot of “need”)

None of which makes me right or you wrong (and vice versa).  Simply that I have come to know love without need.

Because that is what GSHJ has shown me.