Bigger than not speaking – across the divide

Underneath my post “Bigger than being saved – to the end” is a conversation. The following is an extract.  Please feel free to read the whole string.

 Arkenaten has questions.  He has beliefs and he has facts.  I see animosity.  He sees objectivity. Arkanaten says religion poisons everything.  He sees that as fact.  I see that as belief.  And then he made this comment …

“The question was around your sweeping statement that religion poisons everything.

It is a statement of fact and can be supported with evidence.  All religion (as far as I am aware) is built upon an unsubstantiated presuppositional worldview that includes the supernatural.

In the case of Christianity, your religion, this presupposition involves a make-believe, (probably) Canaanite deity called Yahweh.  This deity is nothing but a capricious monster as can be evidenced by the Old Testament. A deity that endorses slavery, misogyny, and genocide to name only three of his rather unsavoury traits.  Out of Yahweism, we got fully-fledged Judaism, and later Christianity and Islam, and a myriad of other pseudo-Christian denominations, cults, and sects, most, if not all of which celebrate (a) human sacrifice, are basically death cults, and are based upon an erroneous text – the bible.

There is absolutely nothing good present in religion that cannot be found in humanism, and religion requires suspension of critical thought and in the case of Christianity, the admission one is a sinner and subservience to a man-made deity; failure to do so will result – depending on the interpretation – (simple) separation from this god (sic) for ever, or banishment to Hell to be tortured for eternity.

Religion divides nations, communities, and families.  It is the breeding ground for some of the most heinous practices.  In almost every case it is tacitly or overtly misogynistic (and for this ALONE it should be resoundingly rejected) and all too often homophobic, where scripture is used to justify such practices.  It was used to justify slavery and also, Apartheid in my country.  It is considered by a great many people to be child abuse, not least where medical intervention is withheld on religious grounds and where children are overtly threatened with eternal damnation for everything from bad thoughts to masturbation, to swearing, to not wanting to go to church and pretty much anything you can think of that might be construed as a ”sin”.

In the case of Creationism it is generally regarded as anti’ science.  Many consider Catholicism and its stance regarding contraception responsible for the deaths of untold numbers because of HIV/AIDS,especially here in Africa.

Okay, this is a good foundation and I think probably covers both questions?  If not let me know.  Although, all we have done is merely scratch the surface.  If you want to consider history in the next thread let me know?  We could look at something like the attempted extermination of the Cathars if you fancy?”

And at this point, I was moved to invite Ark to let me make this a post.  To invite comments whether in support or not.  To initiate a conversation over the divide of differing beliefs believed to be facts.  Ark agreed and suggested something I hadn’t.  That he takes an observer (rather than participant) role with this post.  That is kind.

I insisted that he had a right to respond (to any comments) should he wish.

Because I believe we have kindness in common if we choose.  I believe creating a divide comes all too easy.  I believe that religion, faith, spiritual stuff, all too often invites a divide over which disdain and dismissal are required responses.  I believe that is taught.

I believe kindness is inate and not taught.  I am keen to see what might be achieved with kindness.  I believe we all have kindness in common. I invite your views with open arms (and ears).  And please feel to comment at length (should you so wish).

All I ask is kindness.

Thank you.