Is there “One God”?

One God.

Just what does “one God” mean?  Because I see and hear others’ different Gods.

Old Testament God.  The smiting God.  New Testament God  The loving God.  Holy Spirit (nee “Ghost”) God  The ethereal God.  The OT God gets a lot of bad press – not enough love.  The NT God gets a lot of bad press – too much love.  The HS (nee “G”) God gets a lot of bad press – not enough of anything really.

And yet we are a Christian country.  The first word of our national anthem is (one) God.  In war and battle we pray that our (one) God smites them.  And they the same.  We all – they and us – pray (one) God brings “our victory” and “their defeat”.

How can either claim God as their own – and which one?

And when not smiting we measure our God by bums on seats in buildings we call churches.  Except that some bums (and some churches) have the wrong God – either too much OT God or not enough.  Either too much NT God or not enough.  And as for the HS (nee G) God – that one gets forgotten a lot.  Unless praying.  And HS (nee G) God gets all these prayers from those who follow (one) God … asking that these others (who follow (one) God) see the error of their ways.

How can either claim God as their own – and which one?

I see “national identity” rather than faith.  Like a regional accent on a national scale we understand our own.  And those of the same (one) God we might not understand but we try.  And those of (one) God (which is not God) – we don’t bother. Not unless there is smiting to be done – and then we vilify them through their (one) God – and they us.

I think we confuse our identity with “God”.  I think we like the idea of “God” but not the reality.  I think we dismiss those who don’t like any God as unpatriotic (which is weird).  I think we need The Trinity – I think we need their God – just so we all have something to align with – and to fight over (because we like to fight a lot).

How can any claim God as their own – and which one?

And yet each one of us – in our wee spit of time – as we each journey the same journey from birth to death – as we are each born with “something” – as we each then make choices in what we do with that “something” – each with infinite combinations of the  consequences of our choices … 

Shouldn’t “CHOICE” be our unifying identity rather than “something” over which we had no choice?  For each “gets something” (which is different) – but then the same infinity of choice and consequences.

And “God” is just one of those “gets” – and what we each do with the same infinity of choice is not.  So isn’t that how we each might make sense of One God –

By our own choices not “His”?