Response to the news noise …

I have grown my relationship with Mrs Paul over almost four decades. During that time we have got many things right and also too many spectacularly wrong.

We have learned as we have gone along. Often reacting to what happened rather than being in control of what would happen. Control in relationships doesn’t really exist as far as I can see. The only control I have is over my response and my reactions to “stuff” in me and around me. I get to decide whether I smile or frown, laugh or yell, cuddle or walk.

And after nearly forty years that is the only part of this relationship that I control. After nearly forty years together “stuff” still keeps happening that makes me go “Oh wow – I’m so lucky!” as well as “Oh crap – what now?”

The world is already growing weary of its relationship with covid after less than two years.

But we don’t have the option of “divorce” – of walking away. Our only choice is how we individually respond to “stuff” that keep happening. So I think we should stop counting in days or months – seasons and calendars. I think we should begin to accept we are in a relationship with covid that may be for ever.

Because while I have a choice in whether or not I stay with Mrs Paul – none of us has that choice when it comes to covid. And in Mrs Paul and I staying together we have learned how to ride the waves and cling together through the troughs. Sometimes it’s fun. And sometimes it’s not. That’s life. That’s real relationship.

Maybe it’s time that we – the world – thought the same about living with covid.

Peace out.