Curious at best, confused most of the time. Guided at best, stomping around most of the time. Was shown religion many years ago as a child, now in a relationship with my lord.

Do I have something worth sharing?
I believe that is true of every single person I know or have yet to know.

Do I write “good stuff”?
I have no idea. All I know is that sometimes I read a piece and wonder where the words came from. The more I write the more curious I become.

Is god in these words?
He is in my heart and mind, so maybe.

I hope so.

Added 20th May 2014
(My apologies to any who have left a “message” using the email box, which I have just removed. I get to see your message as “feedback” – through the admin functions – but don’t understand how to make them to visible here/reply to your kind words. So I have removed the “email bit” and left the “comments bit”. I hope that “fixes it.”

Confused most of the time!!)

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  1. Found your blog a few weeks ago during Don Merritt’s Hebrews study. Your recent post about “The disciple whom Jesus loved” was on of the most thought-provoking things I have read in a long long time. I was blown away actually and was so inspired I started writing my own blog post about John and his Gospel which was a turning point for me in how I saw Jesus. Now, I never finished the post, and probably won’t, but I just wanted to thank you for that.


    • Hi Rebekah – and …. that is one very powerful bunch of words. Wow! And thank you.

      I can only speak from my own experience. The Lord had me register this blog. And then nothing. For a year or so. And then drew me to writing when I had almost forgotten I had a blog. And it has changed my life. I have changed. He has changed me through this writing. And this community of words, and thoughts and our lord. No denominations, no gossip, no politics, no hierarchy. No recrimination nor one-upmanship. Generosity, affection, acceptance, and encouragement. All the things we pray for in our “real lives” and rarely find – all here in this virtual community. Which I find totally at one with my lord.

      You and Him – you both know. Writing or not writing. That’s between the two of you. Yet the comment you left here? That is community. That is Love. That is our God – all of us. That is you. And me? He does the thinking, and I do the typing (with a little poetic licence). A copy-typist is what I am. And loving the role!

      I wish you every contentment, frustration, moments of insight, loadsa love – and your own weird “god fun stuff” that makes him such a delight. When he does donuts in full batman gear – that is fun! 🙂

      And I love you even more for not ending with a variant of “blessings or blessed.” Thank you! 🙂


    • Hiya Eugene – thank you! Just been cruising around your words and thoughts. Enough to know another connection has been plopped in my lap. Gotta love these connections he keeps making! Let’s make ripples!! 🙂


  2. With apologies to all the people below who left such wonderful comments.
    For a long period I never even knew I was receiving these. And once I did find them, then deleted the email bit so others could see the comments they left. And have now finally done a manual download/copy/paste to show them here. Basic it is, techie I am not! 🙂
    Thank you –

    Wonderful! Sounds very much like myself! Don’t let anyone dampen your spirit! 🙂
    Wow, where DID my comment go??
    I believe I told you how much I could relate to this.
    McDaniel A. Gyamfi
    I love it. The simplicity of it.
    Thanks – McDaniels Gyamfi
    You’ve put a lot of thought and meaning into just a few beautifully composed words.
    Maybe I’m not delving deeply enough, but I’ve known several people who are so self-absorbed that they really seem to have nothing that I consider worth sharing. To them, “sharing” is telling you why they’re right and you’re wrong, followed by anger if you disagree. I think the Bible calls them, “Pharisees.”
    Love the blog mate!
    Kelly Grace
    Being of a curious nature myself. . .and I love Jesus too, I am anxiously awaiting your ‘good stuff’.
    Hi paul, I have a nominated you for a few awards please free to pick and choose which ones you want. I think you deserve them all should you choose to accept them. Check out my page in “awards”
    “Is God in these words? He is in my heart and mind, so maybe”….kinda sums me up too! :))
    Karina Susanto
    Hi there, thank you so much for following my blog. I am honored. 🙂 Blessings to you.
    I Give God all the Glory
    Hi. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! It is nice to meet you. I enjoyed your most recent post. 🙂 You have a nice writing style. Looking forward to your posts. God bless you. Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory
    Love your “about” page. What you’ve said is true of us all, I think. 😉
    Thanks so much for following Lessons by Heart.
    It’s so nice to “e-meet” you! One day we’ll meet face-to-face…can’t wait!
    Love in Christ,
    Tami \o/ Praising Jesus who always answers my questions with truth!


  3. Paul you are delightful and such an encouragement. I thank you for following my blog and for all the comments you have left. I really enjoy them all. Sorry it has taken me so long to get over here and check out your blog but I did and I enjoyed it. It is so fun to read other peoples thoughts about our Lord. It makes me know that He is a never ending journey of revelation in who He is when seen through others eyes as they share. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


    • Sharon – hello! I am coming to regard this community as just another church. Yet one without any rules – including attendance. The “connections” He brings me are also without obligation. Your words are beautiful. That is all that matters. 🙂
      Yet your comment: “He is a never ending journey …” Sharing that here has encouraged a relationship between Him and me of ever deepening trust – maybe more so than in the “local world and people” around me.
      So thank you for your encouragement. And thank you for stopping by! Here’s to sharing the journey!

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  4. Paul, I enjoyed reading the guest blog that you wrote for Susan. I hope to read many more of your posts. God bless you in your continued relationship with all those touched by your words. ~ Dale


    • Dale, I always find the connections to be guided by Him. I have just sampled some of your words. Your About page is a painful punch of honesty and courage. Along with such faith and hope. Those words – I go and prepare a room for you in my Father’s house – came to mind. Each like or follow a door opening on another of those rooms. Already there, already furnished and personalised. And as the door opens we glimpse something of what is within.
      Thank you ((hug))

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  5. I love the humble way you are pointing people to the Way, Truth and Life. Your writing makes me think and I so glad you are willing to write about things you haven’t figured out yet- gives me courage to do the same in future!


    • Merryn – my apologies for the slow response! I had not seen your words here.

      And thank you – because the odd thing is I find the more connections He guides in the bloggy church, the more I grow in Him. This morning, in an email from far away, I am being lovingly discipled – connecting – and through connecting to be shown something new – and in replying maybe connecting that thought with another. All growing in Him.

      Courage: the phrase in that email today was “powerful in God”. Courage and power. Now that is still brewing. Still growing. 🙂


    • Sammy – thank you. I have just popped over there and had a look. Your words are wonderful – and I am envious of the energy you have in running two fine blogs! 🙂

      Your comment here and the post “Struggling forwards” is another example of the good Lord’s timing and sense of humour! Very pertinent in my life right now!! So – as always – He connects when we never even knew it was time to connect!

      You have a style of writing that “clicks” important stuff.

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  6. Hey Paul, didn’t know if I ever replied or commented on your “About” page but one thing stood out, (ok, maybe more than one!) sometimes you read what you have wrote and wonder where the words came from? Well, brother you answered your other question (I’m sure you knew it!) when you question is God in the words!
    I have done that so many times when going back and proofing something after a while has passed. It’s like, who in the world put those words together and how did they get on my page? LOL! But that’s how the Holy Spirit surprises and even teaches us, at least that’s how He teaches me!! By the way, I always get a kick out of your writing. I love the way you are up front and honest, and it ALWAYS makes me appreciate the unity that the Holy Spirit creates with such diversity!
    Truly love you brother and so glad you are there for ALL of us! God bless you greatly as you continue in your ministry to us!


    • Roland, when you said you were stopping by – you meant it! I will get to you your wonderful comments one by loving one 🙂

      Because you have paused on the thing that still “wow’s” me. And more than the just the words, the tug inside towards a topic, a thought, a sequence. A few posts I have resisted – didn’t seem right, didn’t seem helpful, didn’t seem me (and found that mainly means it is outside my comfort zone).

      Only when looking back do I wonder something else: do those posts and moments “minister” to others – or to me. Are those posts for another – or to stretch my comfort zones, my relationship, my faith? Because those posts and “tugging” have done all of that. Simply by listening/sensing/responding and writing words. Wow!!

      Thank you dear brother ((hugs))

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