Shin up a ziggurat

The further I read into this Genesis of Language the more I realise that everything is clinched in our understandings of how much water and where,why one language when there were thousands? 

As I said in the previous post. Was God confused, didn’t remember his former text, because the scroll got lost or a new scribe added his own little bit. They used to do that, scribes when they were copying ,adding their bits of exegesis which later found their way into Holy Writ or wrong.

Those on the plains of Shinar (the Torah says valley)all spoke one language, and the gist is that a genotype a pool of jeans made their way there to build a city with a Tower to Heaven.

 The Hebrews speak of a holy tongue, of folk being disgruntled because God had chose the better half.

Arkadia, Babylon, were where such Ziggurats were first built, as terraces up the mountains. Here we have towers reaching to Heaven. It has been suggested that these were  more facsimiles  than of the traditionally earthen variety,similar to Aztec garden terraces where food was grown and water raised using augers. My thoughts.

This one was raised by a community or city which had moved easterly to Shinar to build to the Heavenlies. To reach that country, place or city which God had decided as precious, too much so as to give to Adama(Humans). And they built the city with bricks for stone and slime for mortar.

They gave them selves a name?

ln Torah it is mentioned that the slime was used for plaster and the bricks well burnt to look like stone,because there were no stones in Babylon because it was a valley (biqah). O.K. Why does Torah have valleys without stone and translators speak of a  plain ,(biqah)likewise without rocks. More words having more than one meaning. 

These jeans were very resourceful, oganised,amicable -very good  people. Too good for God to let them be? God had saved them, the sons of men,from the flood- Rashi  muses on the mention of the sons of man, a superfluous mention as if the sons were donkeys, sons of donkeys. Remember that the last time we came across the sons’ of man they were wicked and on the verge of becoming Robbers.  These were inundated.

In collusion with the angels God went down among the people for a better look.(God is gracious in that he consults heaven)

As if God couldn’t see from where he was.Aparently knowledge and the peaceful who collude must be  made confused  as though dumb, could not speak to another neither hear others of their ilk. And because they were Good, God dispersed them, each language group to settle in their own place. God did not drown them , but sent them away, because they decent people.

Philadelphia  tends to get  you scattered  in every direction. What is good for God is a crime for humans!

As though they would be gods,or like gods.

Bettering one’s self spiritually by reaching for God is also verboten. 

How fickle of God.Tell me the message of bricks and slime?

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