Where was Jesus for three days.

For I have put death to flight

I must ascend to my Father and to your Father to my God and your God and how can I ascend unless first of all I descend – to She’ol. To the world of all dead where Abraham’s Bosom views from a far the unrighteous dead who call out for water.

Of Lazarus and the Rich of water and heat. Purgation in fire, the depths in God and Jesus makes his house call there to witness to all souls there before he became incarnate.

There is no remembrance there, they know not why they are there, they exist not as existance is, but as shadows and shades. ‘Their love, their hate and their jealousy have long since vanished; never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun.'(Ecclesiasties 9.6)Why did he go there? When all have forgotten thmselves, their sin, their… , selves. To make them live by blessed water running from his side, came mingling down entwined with blood even the Shades to free.

Live, those who will come to my Father, remember you who have forgotten your sins and strive to come to me. And you who never can, prepare again for outer silence, behind the back of God.

I must return to my friends to my brothers and sisters who wait for me in Gallilee, I ascend. I am the Gardener tending the flowers of my Kingdom, no more will they go down into the silence since I have hallowed it, but bloom in pretty gardens, drinking in myself.

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