If.  I.  Allow.



Dear Father Christmas, I only want one thing this year, thank you.
To take each moment as it’s offered. That’s all. That’s everything.
Thank you again.


Putting down the bible every morning has been wonderful.  No more verses to pick apart.  No more having to see the right thing from the wrong thing.  No more having to defend this or explain that.

Dear Father Christmas, I only want one thing this year, thank you.

Leaving the bible aside is not walking away from the bible. It is living “why” the bible. Just like when I take my car to the garage I don’t expect to see the mechanic reach for a car manual.  I expect him/her to have moved beyond the manual.  So too my living each day.

To take each moment as it’s offered. That’s all. That’s everything.

That is my bible. That is why the bible for me. This Love thing that is the reason for every word, verse, chapter and book. The only reason for The Good News.  Love that isn’t “in the bible” but is “why the bible”. Is the reason for the bible.  Love. Without. Condition.  For anything else is man/woman-made and man/woman-decided and man/woman-controlled.

Thank you again.

Yet the truth is that I have already been given this gift.  Just that I have been taught well.  Taught that this moment is of God not me.  That Love.  Without.  Condition.  is of God not me.  That I am riddled with too much sin for me to Love as God loves.

Yet in the same breath am taught that my reward for believing in God (of the conditional bible) will be an eternity of Love Without Condition –

Just after I am dead.



There is so much ambiguity in this mess of controlled biblically correct religiously endorsed ologies that Love (of “why the bible”) has little chance of surviving.  We are all too busy doing the right thing in the right way with the right people at the right time for Love. Without. Condition. to be.

To be as in “I Am” being..

Christmas in Church is rush-hour.  This magnificent marketing opportunity better than Easter.  A time when Santa AND a baby Jesus combine to bring peace and goodwill to all man/woman-kind. 

When Love is not enough but doing love is.

The bible tells me how to do stuff when stuff is expected and controlled.  Love is how I react to the unexpected (if I allow).  Love is how I react to the moment – which just keeps on coming whether I am “ready” or not.  Love is eternity right now and right here (if I allow).  Love seems to have its own time and space.  Love seems to give me just the right words when I have none.  Love gives me “superpowers” that can change just one life and mine as well.  Love changes me not you.  Yet you may change simply by my changing too.

Love is not enough on its own?

That isn’t what my bible says.



What I have found is that Love might not give me the result I want, the reward I deserve, the things I should have.  I have learned that Love is not within my control.  That Love doesn’t “work” how I think it should “work”.  Nor is Love about giving to get.

Now or after I am dead. 

Love is.  Or love is not.  Doesn’t matter what you believe or who you are.

And all of that is in the bible.  The one I don’t read every morning any longer.  The one I was taught I had to read every day, week, month, year.  All my life I was in awe of those who could memorise the bible or massive chunks or even the right verses.  Ready to “give them” to others who “needed” them in the moment they were needy.  All my life I asked Him – why can’t I – even after all this work to try to be a Good Christian – yet I still can’t and don’t!

He never answered.  Just chuckled at my frustration.  Sat with me as I kept on trying to stuff words into my unwilling memory banks.

He doesn’t do that anymore.  He doesn’t need to.

Love is.  Every fibre of every cell of every moment.  Love is or love is not.  There is not love this first and that second and then this third. 

Love is not hierarchical when love “is”.   Love “is” in everything (if I allow).  That’s all:

If.  I.  Allow.

Not Him or Santa or even you.  I don’t need to be given it.  It is already within me if I allow.  And I think He prefers me to know the bible this way rather than “that way”.

I know I do.



8 thoughts on “If.  I.  Allow.

  1. Hi Paul, keep on keeping on with your delight in God Soft Hand Jesus, he is the way, knowing him, you don’t need a book on how to… just be loved and love in return, every little and big, young and old creature and humans there are.

    i see you had a good gathering this Christmas, how happy you sound
    Love Andrew

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