So here’s the thing

I was recently asked: If Christianity was true would you become a Christian? I immediately replied: If Islam was true would you become a Muslim?” A Tale Untold: The Burden of Proof.

Was the opening in a post in which a(nother) “Christian” seems to be “proving” God to an “Atheist”. And the “Atheist” is proving to the “Christian” that if the “Christian” is offering proof – then the “Atheist” doesn’t have to prove a thing (which I think is a very sensible way of approaching such conversations).

Why and how have we reached this point of dis-harmony? Just where did the “Christian’s God” ever teach His “disciples” to go and “prove Christianity” to anyone – and just what is “Christianity” anyway?

Just why do “Christians” think it their calling to “prove” their faith?  Even more – to act as an Expert Witness on behalf of God (who tended to respond to similar questions asked of God Jesus as happened here – by quietly asking another question).

Where is the respect, where is “sacred” in such an exchange?  Anyway – what caught my attention was a really interesting question:

So here’s the thing. I recognise that proving the existence of any god is impossible so all I am asking for is this: I want any religious reader of what ever god they believe or whatever religion they follow to reveal the evidence that convinced them that their god was real and why. How hard can it be?”

I have no evidence, but I do want to offer my conviction.  It is a love story.

A story that began many years ago. One in which I am the hero and the villain. One in which I am the victim and liberator. One is which I play many parts over many years. A story of conquest in which I explore “the kingdom” near and far, to finally find a love I had lost and then found again. And to then return to the palace and marry the princess (like in all the best love stories).

I found again that Love of Loves. I have returned to the palace. I have married my princess. The princess who is also my King. My King who is also my brother. My Brother who is also my friend. And my Friend who dwells within me always. I am possessed of my Friend, Brother, King, Princess, and Love of Loves.

Would you ask anyone indwelt and possessed for “evidence” of anything?  Nor me!

But as you asked, I will tell you what I bring back from my conquest. Just this: a changed heart.

I cannot prove my heart to you. Why would I want to abuse my heart in such a fashion? Why discard all that is beautiful to slice “a specimen”? Would you do that to your own heart? And if I could – by the very act of removing a part from the whoIe – do I not diminish my heart – my Love?

Imagine my own human beloved, the partner I gave my life to, with whom we created life four times over, with whom bad … good … great … stale … normal … light … dark … in fact every shade of living (and death) we have lived together and still do.

How to slice “evidence” that would convince you to marry MY beloved? Evidence that would cause you to put MY beloved before yourself. Would you believe such a thing even existed?

For my love story is mine. You have yours. And it may be that as we sit around the camp fire … any quiet place of sharing … that we “connect”. That your story touches my story. That my story touches yours.  Or we may not. We may simply pass an hour or two in pleasant conversation.

However, I am convinced my Beloved is indeed Love. I am convinced my Beloved exists. I wish for you to experience such Love if you do not already.  And I am content to remain in your presence whether you wish that Love or not. I am content to stay with you whether or not we have any “agreement of belief”.

Because I know you will have loved, I hope you still do.  It may be your love affair is as wondrous as mine.  It may be that our love affairs are as great as each other. It may be we find we have much in common.  For I wish not to “prove” my Love – I wish to share my Love.  And I hope you wish to share your Love – for I find Love connects.  I find Love binds where no binds exist.  I wish that for you as I wish it for myself.  I do believe this: that we have far more in common that we have in difference.

So just why should either of us have to “prove” anything? Could we not simply join together and take from each other what makes us greater together than we are apart?

And as for all this “God stuff”? My name is not “Christianity”.  My name is not “Muslim”. My name is not “Atheist”.  Not when we come close to share.  I find those to be “labels” – always ripe for dispute – for division.  My name as we come close is “Love” (I know – it is another label – but allow me this one I pray). And my knowing is “relationship” (well – make that two labels if you would).  🙂

Love and relationship.  Might we share that?_____________________________________________________________

NB: My thanks to Ark.  We conversed briefly before this post was released.  Conversing is something I wish we could all do without the need to be right every time.  As one with an attachment to the “Christian label” it is my hope that the “Christian label” drops the labels (all but two – obviously!) and allows each to journey in Love – with Love – so that we may all converse in safety. 


11 thoughts on “So here’s the thing

  1. If love is all you believe one needs then one does not need religion, and most certainly not Christianity, which demeans, denigrates and subverts.

    It creates emotional cripples and in its rawest fundamental form, terrorizes children.

    If you read the bible carefully you will quickly discover that Yahweh is an egocentric megalomaniac monster and in his human incarnation as the character, Jesus of Nazareth is little more than a petulant, racist bully.

    Sure people can share …. but believe me, your jealous god will always come between any meaningful relationship.
    Remember, two’s company three’s a crowd.

    And your god is simply a spoilt dickhead with a serious attitude problem.

    Well … I did warn you.


    • Ark – I wasn’t sure what to expect. And you did not disappoint! Thank you! 🙂

      We watched the “Sound of Music” over the weekend – “what to do with an Ark” springs to mind. Right now you have given me the best chuckle in a very long and trying day – so thank you again!

      More thoughtfully, I can agree with much of what you say. I have spent the last three years watching believers shoot each other down in drive-by verse-offs. So fundamentals of any ilk I find to be many of the things you list. Equally if I needed God, religion or some other emotional crutch we would also find common ground in what you say. However, reading your words as carefully as the bible – boy do you stuff your opinions full of emotive buzz words or what! And that makes me chuckle again. So thank you yet again.

      Might I venture a thought? If you “need” to resort to language that is the mirror image of the language of love – why? One might even say we are speaking the same language in opposite – and that really tickles me! I speak love, you speak dickhead. I speak sharing, your speak a jealous god. I speak tenderness, and you speak big boots a thumping. Do you not find that weird? Almost “brothers by different mothers” kind of stuff! Now that would be great fun to explore!

      Well … I did warn you. 🙂


      • The one thing you fail to recognise with your driving analogy is that the rules that were drummed into you that are now automatic were done so to preserve your ( and other people’s) life while behind the wheel of the car.
        The religious indoctrination you suffered at the beginning was effectively to control you as an adult.
        So while you believe you are being spoken to this is simply a ( possibly delightful) delusion as a result of that earlier indoctrination.

        Now, consider that a Muslim or devout Jew has undergone a similar indoctrination. Car wise too.
        The difference with the car indoctrination is that there is nothing that divides any of you, Christian, Jew, Muslim.
        Behind the wheel you are watchful, courteous and ultimately you just want to get to Point B unscathed having enjoyed the ride.

        But when it comes to religion – well, the Christian believes the other two are going to Hell.
        And there is similar enmity between Jew and Muslim ( especially at this moment in time) to make any normal person doubt the sanity of any religious person.

        And anyone who still champions a god/god belief that is ultimately the cause of such virulent hatred is blind to reality willfully ignorant or simply a dickhead.


  2. Dear, sweet, Paul. I agree that labels and name-calling and sarcasm get us nowhere. It is love that moves us closer together, listening that unites us and finds common ground. And if one is committed to common ground, one finds it. If one is committed to division, one finds it.
    Love moves us Closer to the One who made us all. All. ❤


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