Which one am I

I am one.

I am one on my own. I must do this and I must do that. If you ask me this I must do that as well. And if they ask me that I must do this so can’t do that. And each time I begin to do this I have to stop and do that. For I am not infinite. I am very finite. I am very in this moment but too much for just one moment. I need this moment and that moment all rolled into one moment for it to be a moment enough. For I must answer this whilst doing that. I must speak to you while listening to them. I must plan that while delivering this. I must be more than one but I am one. And I am not enough.

I am one.

I am one of many and one of One. I have no need to do this or that. But I desire because it is good. And while I do this one does that. While I look here one looks there. While I do this I have no need to stop and do that. For one of One is infinite. Very infinite. I am of this moment and this moment is all. And for that reason I am enough. And when I move on then one will be here to do this while I do that. I can answer this while one does that. I can speak to you while one listens to them. I can plan for that because one is doing this. I am one and one is also one.  I am one of One. And I am enough.




3 thoughts on “Which one am I

  1. I like that “I am enough.. I began to tell myself that “I Am That One”.. and once you start to believe that it becomes easier to love yourself and believe that you deserve everything that is good..


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