Do You Want to Be Well?

“Do You Want to Be Well?” CCOHSYDNEY
“It is interesting that our Lord asked the man if he wanted to be well. Wouldn’t it seem obvious that he wanted healing since he had been hurting for decades? Why else would he have been there?”

The man who got to walk on the Sabbath, was then picked up by the “boys in blue” for “the work” of carrying a mat on the Sabbath, who said “Not my fault – he made me do it”, and when asked “Who healed you and made you walk?” replied – “I dunno who it was.”

I dunno who it was.

Nor me.  I don’t know either.  All that used to intrigue me: Who is God? Who is Jesus?  Is there a God? Is there a Jesus?  Why is there a God? There is no God it is all a fairy story.  There is no Jesus, there was no dying and rising.  There is only me – and the rest is hogwash.  Then what if … ?  What if there is “something” … Something not as in any sacred text … not as honed and refined like an old wives’ tale … not as simplistic as written … not as demanding as written … not as black and white as written … what if … ?

Do you want to be well?

I never used to want to be well.  I was well!  All that “well” living and building and creating and consolidating and fighting to keep what I had fought for … !  So all that “God stuff” was for those who needed something.   And I didn’t.   I had loads.

I didn’t need all that praying and bowing and kneeling and confessing and listening (without listening), reading (without reading), smiling (without smiling) … “stuff”.  I was well.  And I can’t tell when that changed.  But I can tell you that God was not my first choice.  Understanding how I worked was my goal.  I was well.  I just wanted to be “weller”.

It cost a small fortune!  It was another community.  A professional family of seekers.  I found out how science sees the brain as another (internal) cosmos – like Star Trek: to go where no man has gone before.   But knows enough for a “well brain” to be considered one massive playground!   Mind games is not just a saying – it is the reality.

Do you want to be well?

It cost a small fortune for me to find that out.  And to be expected to become a healer.  To become “qualified” because “qualified” is helping others to heal (and recoups my small fortune spent being qualified).  And my truth?  My mind is a playground – and all I have to do is play.  So I never became qualified. I never wanted to be a healer.  I just wanted to be weller.

I dunno who he was.

Let me tell you that God is really cheap counselling.  Because if my mind is a playground – then why not play with God (rather than a “qualified-healer” who makes “play” a lot of work).   And I have found that God loves to play – and I have learned that I love to play as well – so this is a match made in heaven!

Through the work of science I have discovered “for-ever-play” and with it a mentor, a teacher, and a friend who is the most patient and loving part of me.  That is why I cannot “worship” and “praise” – nor read the bible as literal anymore – it is why I cannot defend religion (“religion” also wants me to become a qualified healer as well – and that is not for me either) OR science as being “the only answer”.

Because the world is not a playground.

It is a place where good people are preyed upon by bad people.  Where those who have to live live in the “left-over spaces” which are the same spaces nature uses to become weller.  Where those who have to work take from places of the planet never taken from before.

A world we think being “weller” means having more – owning more – consuming more – hoarding more.   So why seek “God” (who invites less – invites sharing – who explains that “more “ is not the more of material wealth, but the more of spiritual living health)?

I see restraint being the answer to the planet’s ailments.  I see it being the scientific answer – I see it being the spiritual answer – I see it being the only answer.  Except “restraint” is not a popular mindset.

So how you reach the answer of restraint … ?

I don’t care.


1 thought on “Do You Want to Be Well?

  1. ‘I see restraint being the answer to the planet’s ailments.  I see it being the scientific answer – I see it being the spiritual answer – I see it being the only answer.  Except “restraint” is not a popular mindset.
    So how you reach the answer of restraint … ?
    What about walking the median way? Well I know you don’t care how we do, but this discussion concerning our ecosystem is like a roundabout that doesn’t stop, that we can’t agree on the colour of or construction of or…

    Restraint – being careful and moderate in our actions, once we decide what they will be, dialoguing with Science, Spirit and ourselves, honestly about what we are willing to do to assist the health of our planet. Because I don’t want to give up too much, become poorer in the attempt, because hope costs money


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