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Leaving aside the conversation about biblical Pharisees and who would qualify today or not …

“He did not say this on his own, but as high priest that year he prophesied that Jesus would die for the Jewish nation, and not only for that nation but also for the scattered children of God, to bring them together and make them one. So from that day on they plotted to take his life.” John 11:51-53

Our audience is everyone. The Death of Lazarus … Jesus Comforts the Sisters of Lazarus … Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead … The Plot to Kill Jesus … Jesus Anointed at Bethany … Jesus Predicts His Death …


My thanks to Andrew Blair for connecting me with these three verses today.


What caught my attention was the word “prophesied”. The (almost) “magical power” of a (God-given) “prophetic word”.  The hotline to God – a prophetic word.  Like “speaking in tongues” and the “miracle of healing” … they come with the authority of God Himself (and that includes Jesus and the Holy Spirit AND the bible).  And that is “evidence”!

So challenging it – or asking whether it is all gobbledygook – is frowned upon.  Only “immature Christians” do God such a grave disservice.

Yet here is that year’s chief priest, Caiaphas, who IS the hotline to God giving the “prophetic word”.  That this “Jesus” WOULD die for the Chosen People … AND for the rest of us not Chosen as well … so that we might ALL become one big happy family (BUT NOT so that we would all be forgiven our sins forever more … AND NOT that “Jesus” would come back to life either).

And with the benefit of hindsight, that “prophetic word” might be considered to be jumping on the bandwagon of popular (theological) opinion.  The “in-crowd” of the temple peeps seemed almost as one regarding the upcoming demise of the Messiah.

And as for “uniting” ALL – the Chosen People and “us” are as divided as ever.  But one thing stands out in those three verses above all else for me:

“Be careful what you pray … wish for … hear from above … want above all else.”

“So from that day on they plotted to take his life.”

Godly justification for ungodly actions.

“So from that day on they plotted to take his life.”

And the whole OT is now that same justification.  Jesus was always fulfilling prophecy in this, that, and the other.  Jesus was born to die. The Garden was the reason. Nothing else would do. This HAD to happen or else we were all screwed.

And look at where we are now.  Still arguing.  Still waiting.  Still looking for a “prophetic word”.  Still riding the bandwagon of (changing) popular (theological ) opinion.

I have no idea whether I am right or wrong.  I have no idea if I am hearing this from God Soft Hands Jesus or my own inner opinions evolved over decades.  But neither do you.

This “God stuff” comes without proof and evidence.  And prophetic words, like the bible, can be used and abused any way we want.  Which is why I keep going back to Love.  I know when I am using and abusing Love.  We all do.

In biblical terms we call that “being a Pharisee”.

Except that never applies to me.  My thinking is always from God and God is Love and Love is sacred and sacred is what God is.  So I am okay Jack.  I am not a Pharisee and never will be.

Yet even the “biblical hotline” to God that year got it wrong – missed the important bits – set in motion Godly justification for ungodly actions – meant the Chosen People made the killing just another exorcising a cancer from their Chosen People inheritance.  Is it just me …

Or does the bible (and church) never grow old?



2 thoughts on “A prophetic word

  1. No the Bible never grows old. They say, erroneously I believe , that Christians are the only ones that will physically rise again. Me, I don’t worry about whether I am going to rise again into a glorified body. Worry how God will find my ashes. Trust and love is all I need, to do the best I can here and know that I am safe with God. Some things in the Bible are not worth being scared about. Jesus overcame death to deafeat our death by sin. I think Lazarus just may have been a little annoyed with his friend at being dragged from heaven. Depending upon our theology or take on death, for the Jews he was with the shades, asleep , awaiting resurrection, so who else believes in resurrection but without the complication of leaving heaven when we live.

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