Now fact – God says



If they don’t smile they don’t work.  I have one employee hasn’t worked for three days.”

In Cyprus the driving is on the left, with overtaking on the right.  Just like at home.  That one thing has made driving our hire-car a doddle.  Driving on the right means I have to “reverse” not only my original training – but also the instinctive-ingrown-driving-brain I have cultivated for years.

Roundabout? Look to the right.  Give way?  Look to the right.  Overtaking? Look ahead to the right.  Being overtaken? Slide to the left.  Turning right … moving around traffic … parking … changing lanes … And pre-empting other drivers … reading the “driving-body-language” of other cars … seeing possible danger ahead of time … ALL of that is the same as at home.  All of that makes driving here a doddle.  With one exception.


Two driver types here: a) “Here I come!” – no matter on a blind rise, a blind curve, a minuscule straight, no matter the speed limit … b) “Is it safe yet?” – hesitant ditherer, going to – better not, here I come – no I don’t, stop pressuring me – give me space” …

Category a) are easy.  The driving body-language makes it easy.  “Here I come!” – and there they go!  Category b) aren’t.  They sit on the middle line making visibility ahead impossible, they pass-up on easy overtaking opportunities, they create danger because category a) drivers now have to pass two vehicles instead of just one, and I have to factor-in the unpredictable category b) when I calculate every overtaking option.

When sandwiched between a category b) ahead and a category a) behind – I always makes a space and slow so that I don’t get caught-up in the potential carnage.  Driving style reflects a state of mind.  And a state of mind is my belief-set in that moment.  If we were driving “on the wrong side” out here – my state of mind/belief-set would be screaming “I can’t!!!”  Instead my state of mind/belief set is calmly stating “I can and I am.”

“If they don’t smile they don’t work.”



Is two opposing states of mind/belief-sets.  No different to “I can’t” or “I can and I am.”  Some call it “strength” … “discipline” … “determination” … “self-belief” …  And what I “call it” mostly depends on my state of mind/belief-set in THAT moment.  My cultural belief-set overlain with my mum and dad belief-set, overlain with my circle of friends belief-set, overlain with … so many “overlays” – all of which compete for priority without me ever being aware.  Because they pop to the surface moment by moment perfectly in-tune with my blind-spots – those “unseen” belief-sets I have made “facts and evidence”.  And which resist change because they are … true.

Maybe that’s why we so readily accept the biblically correct teaching that we are but sinners saved and only God can love without condition because only God is without sin.  Qualified religious teaching from an academically correct and accepted “interpretation” now no longer belief – now “fact” – God says!

“If they aren’t Love they aren’t mine.”



Love is not soft.  Love is not saying yes.  Love is not coming last.  Love is not a job.  Love is the greatest for a reason.  Love is greatest first, second and last.  Love is a state of mind/belief-set.

And in my six decades and counting … Love trumps sin – trumps being correct – trumps qualified consensus – trumps material wealth – trumps death.  Love is easy and Love is light and Love is right now in this moment.

I am bible-blind and Loving Living!




2 thoughts on “Now fact – God says

  1. When I was in England I had to get used to driving on the left, a remark made to me by a passenger on the flight over helped a lot – remember that as a driver, whichever side of the road you drive on, the driver is always on the inside of the road, the passenger is always near the sidewalk.

    Religion is the same way. When you’re new to it, it doesn’t always make sense, you need to figure out a way to make it work for you. Usually it’s a lot easier than we think, we just need someone to show us how. Christianity is easy – just toss away all the rules and treat everyone as you would want them to treat you – with love, kindness, and, if needed, assistance.

    On that last one, I am told that I live in a unique city, if you ask someone for directions they’re more than likely to take you by the arm and walk with you to your destination rather than just tell you where to go. Some of that hasn’t changed with the advent of cars, more than once I’ve heard someone tell the lost person, “hey, just follow me and I’ll get you there.”

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