The cost is high

This little Facebook shielding group is fabulous!



I am seeing this whole “sin thing” through new eyes at the moment.  All of these people neither saved nor unsaved – just “shielding” from something that reminds me more and more of the whole “sin thing”.  So, leaving aside “Because The Bible Says So”  …

and the “rules are rules are rules” mentality – even when “the rules” aren’t “rules” (have a read if you haven’t already)

There are many in this Facebook shielding group who are terrified of allowing even one invisible virus particle (if that’s the right description) into the safe space in which they live.  Every item (we all take for granted) – even those I would never notice – every single person – every big, little obvious, not obvious thing – every breath of air (that just might have “virus aerosol” – back to the invisible particles – hanging around just waiting to get me) … all this stuff called “covid” I must not allow inside of me!

EVERYTHING outside my door is death so outside must NOT be allowed inside at any cost.

And the cost is high – burden, sacrifice, duty and obligation – it is imprisonment physically and mentally!  And the rest of the (not shielding) world has a fun-filled life BUT WILL DEFINITELY CATCH IT because “it’s” out there everywhere and in everything – and then THEY’LL be sorry!

It reminds me of the mentality of teaching I was given about sin.


But that’s for another day, Paul.


(so with thanks to the lovely Tom – who did a beautiful video post – and gave me the idea for the two little videos below )

Here is my sin shielding “wander-ponder” …   


Thank you



11 thoughts on “The cost is high

  1. I hear a voice filled with kindness and wisdom. I like that you are out and about with your friend breathing and living. Beautiful sky, nice breezes. I don’t worry about this virus. I use kindness and wisdom to shield me if I need to be shielded . Live everyday go out as much as possible with our regular routine. “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” Jesus. This is what I believe. It is what is true.

    May God fill you with his love today

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