Celebrating The Conditions



Bums on religious seats down (or up if you count with different criteria).  The world of Mammon up (or down if you use different criteria).  Capitalism and Socialism and any other label of economy not fit for purpose (or the best thing that ever happened if you use different criteria).  Social media and fake news a blight (or a blessing if you use different criteria).  Ying on the up (or Yang if you use different criteria).

In this world (but not of this world) has never been so much fun.

I think that if Jesus WAS to come back again today – he wouldn’t draw everything to a Rapturous Close (or beginning if you use different criteria).  I think he would keep things going because there is so much laughter to be had in our present day and age.

Less “The End Times” and more “The Split Yours Sides Laughing Times”.

Christians (the religion) are a political resource feted and kept compliant by those who want political power.  A (religion) Christian Vote is a wonderful thing to have.  The millions of (religion) Christians are a bloc that will vote as they are directed.  Which means that (religion) Christians are not that different in their decision-making to politicians.



My Pastor says … My church says … We I believe (this) and they also believe (this) – they have our my vote.

One of my fascinations with Trump is he is so obvious.  He does stuff blatantly and openly.  He makes decisions not on principle but on personal political gain.  If the (religion) Christian bloc believed the earth was flat – so would Trump to that bloc (and not to the “round earth” bloc).  Yet the (religion) Christian bloc buys-into it.  Believes he is The One who will save us.

I find that hilarious!

We have a “church” splintered more than I would ever have thought possible.  The ones who live the 7-day rule.  Who live the Genesis rule.  The Revelations rule.  The real How-it-was-for-the-boys rule.  The traditional rule.  The modern rule.  The out-there rule.  The in-here rule.  The give-it-all-away rule.  The give-to-get-more-back rule.  The eastern rule.  The western rule.  The mix-it-all-up rule.  The keep-it-the-same rule.  The no-words-necessary rule.  The knock-on-your-door-and-put-the-fear-of-God-into-you rule.  All this from (one) The Way!

Isn’t that making you laugh so hard you can’t breathe?

And then – in the best of traditions – saving the best till last: The Conditional-Unconditional-Love teaching.

The teaching that takes the essence of the bible: Love Without Condition and offers it as a prize to be won – to be earned – to be awarded for service and belief and lifestyle.

And WE BUY INTO IT in our millions!

I want eternal life (of love without condition) so I must get saved.  And once saved I must be seen to live a certain lifestyle and be seen to do and be certain things.  And we name that created personal choice … “burden and sacrifice and carrying a cross“.

Preferably a cross big enough for all us to be cowed by its grandeur each Sunday – but a cross small enough to hide in our clothing during the week.

Just like we treat The Conditions of “love without condition”.  We celebrate them on Sunday and keep them to ourselves during the week.  No wonder politicians see a malleable resource both in AND of this world!  Wowsers … you couldn’t make it up!

But we did.

We took The Way and make it a maze.  And then invite the Lost World into it.

That’s why I think Jesus is biding His (end) time …

He is having too much fun watching this soap opera unfold!



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